Be a “Stephen”, and Never Quit!


Be a “Stephen”, and Never Quit!


Do you ever face opposition when you try to do a work for the Lord?  Of course you do, we all have.  The devil would love for you to decide to quit when the going gets tuff.  But we have to determine to stay faithful to what He has given us to do.


The life of Stephen can be seen in the book of Acts.  He was falsly accused for telling the truth (Acts 6:11-13)  Even when we try to witness to others, we are not always accepted.  However, just because we face opposition, doesn’t mean we should just quit.  It should be rather an encouragement to go on for the Lord.


Stephen was so accused by those he tesitfied to that the people found others to agree to falsly accuse him of doing wrong.  Have you ever had someone tell lies about you when all you were trying to do is what God led you to do?  Why would we think that our journey will be without hardships.  Why should we always have “smooth sailing”?  If we never faced hard times, we would think there was no need to depend on Jesus.  Stephen never gave up!  He did right even when he was standing all alone.  He went as far as to die for doing what was right.  God doesn’t ask us to die for him, but to be willing to do what is needed to reach people for Him.   Will we do that?


Be encouraged to never quit!  Don’t put your eyes on the crowd, but on the soul needing Jesus.





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